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Get the only step-by-step self-editing system that will help you improve the quality of your writing and the quality of your writing life.

The Self-Editing Academy offers more than a curriculum. It helps you carve out a path that leads to transforming both the quality of your writing and the quality of your writing life.

After the free trial, the subscription is $27.99 a month. Cancel any time. 
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Our motto is

#Rest | #Reflect | #Apply | #Adjust

The Self-Editing Academy helps you unlock your inner editor so you can publish a book that will WOW your readers.
Learn to nip self-doubt and Imposter Syndrome in the bud and make you a better writer. Create a novel you're dying to share with the world—without wanting to hide away in a dark corner because you fear you're not good enough.
After the free trial, the subscription is $27.99 a month. Cancel any time. 

Learn to Feel Comfortable in Your Own Writing Skin

Your writing is an extension of your inner world. That's why the Self-Editing Academy isn't about conforming to rigid rules, but about cultivating the confidence to embrace what you already have to offer. 

Get ready to dive into a step-by-step editing system that empowers you to make consistent progress. At your own pace, on your own terms.

A warmly lit path awaits you

The words shared below by one of our very first students, Krysann, may resonate with you. Or maybe you don't feel lost, but see so many possible paths you're not sure which one is best for you right now. 

Stepping into the world of self-editing can be overwhelming, no matter where you're coming from. We're here to light the path for you. Not just in practical terms by showing you where the road is, but also in terms of the emotional journey that comes with it.
what our students say

Krysann Joye

I came to The Self-Editing Academy somewhat nervous and entirely lost regarding next steps with my first ever first draft in hand. I found that Elzevera has laid out a warmly lit path.

Her passion and skill are obvious as she guides you through not only the logistical steps involved in editing your novel, but the emotional hurdles as well.

She "gets it" and imbues courage with her gentle, but authoritative prompts and questions—both inside the modules and outside them as a self-editing coach. Having some guidance allows me to not only trust the process, but to enjoy it as well.

I'm so grateful for The Self-Editing Academy and I am confident that I'll have the best I am able to offer by the end of it.
we meet you where you're at

Build Courage Through Gentle Guidance

Sometimes you need a kick in the butt to get going (again). And sometimes you need a hand to hold. Someone to just stand there with you. Or someone to cheer you on.

What you need depends on many factors, which is why there's no cookie-cutter way of writing a book.

That's why you'll find reflection forms with each lesson in the Self-Editing Academy. By sharing how you're faring, what's resonating with you and which information you need but feel is lacking, we're able to provide guidance that suits your current needs.

If you need someone to help you get in a 'butt in chair, fingers on keyboard' mindset for a while, we can do that. If you need to step away and be drawn into a rabbit hole of web comics or fluffy baby animals, we can do that too.

Unleash Your Potential

Instagram posts about epic book releases can be disheartening when your own finish line feels so far off. But you know what?

Your journey is unique, your voice is powerful and your potential knows no bounds.

The Self-Editing Academy is your ally. We're here to help you transform doubt into determination and insecurity into strength.

By now, you're sick and tired of:

  • Feeling stuck in a cycle of endless revisions without really seeing the results to show for it.
  • Seeing everyone else doing so much better than you. How the heck are they done editing already—their writing much be so much better than yours.
  • Never feeling like you're doing enough. If only you could sit down and write all day long like Stephen King, it would change everything.
  • Inconcistent progress. You start and stop again and again, and struggle to maintain a consistent routine to work on your novel due to lacking motivation or direction.
  • Procrastinating forever when you're already behind. No matter how many goals you set, there's always more to do and not enough time to do it in.
  • Not knowing where to start or how to tackle the necessary improvements to transform your unpolished manuscript into the polished masterpiece you know it can become.
  • Not having a clear, step-by-step plan for improving your writing, which makes it difficult to set goals and make visible progress.
  • Feeling like you've invested so much time and effort into your writing, without seeing the results you've dreamed of since forever.
give yourself the gift of confidence

Here's what you get with the Self-Editing Academy

Ways to discover and overcome your self-doubt triggers for peace of mind and empowerment
Tips and tricks to create a writing life you love, and a writing process you can stick with without constant
Answers to all your questions, whether it's about how to improve a sentence or how to get your kids from interrupting your writing time
After the free trial, the subscription is $27.99 a month. Cancel any time. 

Publishing a book you're proud of is not a far-fetched fantasy

After 10+ years of working with writers of all levels, both published and unpublished, I can say that there's no clear-cut formula for writing a quality bestseller, and publishing doesn't come with guarantees.

But as long as you're willing to put in the work and show both patience and commitment, your success is inevitable.

If there's something I've learned from the writers I've worked with over the years, it's that mindset is the make-or-break for any author.
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Bring a friend for FREE

Our mission is to help as many writers as possible on their self-editing journey. To make that happen, when you purchase lifetime access to the Self-Editing Academy, you get to bring in another student for FREE.

Whoever you bring with you will also get lifetime access to the Academy, including future updates and the student-only Slack community.
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The Maze Has a Blueprint

There's so much editing advice out there nowadays that it can feel like you're lost in a maze of grammar rules, style guides and character development prompts.

You recognize your potential as a writer, but feel freustrated that your (un)published novel doesn't reflect what you know you're capable of.

You're longing for growth and improvement in your writing journey, but don't know how to achieve it--especially with life getting in the way. All. The. Time.

If you find yourself nodding along, the Self-Editing Academy is for you. A blueprint of the maze, and the opportunity to ask personalized advice on which route is the best for you and your current WIP.
enough is enough

Take back control of your writing life

Stop letting others dictate how you feel about your writing and get on the train that will help you make your writing dreams a reality
After the free trial, the subscription is $27.99 a month. Cancel any time. 
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stop procrastinating

Make it happen

After the free trial, the subscription is $27.99 a month. Cancel any time. 

How incredible would it be to

  • Polish your writing with confidence, knowing the words you choose carry weight and will resonate with readers.
  • See consistent progress, watching your manuscript evolve with each editing round, getting closer and closer to where you want it to be.
  • Get personalized expert guidance, tailored to your specific situation and your specific writing voice.
  • Master efficient self-editing techniques that streamline the process, making it much more manageable.
  • Get your book in the hands of readers captivated by your story, immersed in your character's lives and moved by your words.
  • Craft vivid descriptions that transport readers into your world and evoke emotions that linger beyond the page.
  • Hold your very own book in your hands, stroking its cover and sniffing its pages.

The journey looks like this

We'll do more than help you improve your writing. We'll help you improve your writing life.

Mindset & Organizational Prep

We show you how to prepare for bouts of self-doubt and what to do when Imposter Syndrome comes knocking, so you won't be thrown off when it happens.

We also help you set up the practical side of things, by covering how to deal with failing to meet goals when life gets in the way.

Big Picture Edits

We share the reasons for diving DEEP into your characters' lives and the world they live in, and show you how to do it.

We also teach you how to have your characters solve plot points—how cool is that?

Line Edits & ProWritingAid

We take you through all the nitty-gritty steps of polishing your writing and strengthening the words on the page.

We give you an in-depth tour of how to us