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Self-Editing Roadmap

This actionable checklist takes you from the moment you finish your first draft to the moment your manuscript is ready for a publishing professional.

Do you recognise yourself in the following?

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 Other writers always seem to write faster and better
 When someone asks how the writing is going, you wish you could disappear
 "I'm so behind" has become your catchphrase
 Wasting time is among your greatest fears

You'd LOVE to...

 Feel excited about where you are in the writing process
 Stop worrying about everyone else and focus on your own book
 Know you're not wasting your time on the wrong things
 Finally hit that 'submit'-button with pride

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If you find yourself nodding along, the Self-Editing Roadmap is for you.
"The Self-Editing Roadmap is a must have to take with you on your writing journey.
It's been years since I last edited a novel and so much has changed for us writers.
With this guide I feel empowered and no longer overwhelmed by the thought of rolling up my sleeves to do the work of self-editing.
The next steps are all mapped out for me and there's no second guessing or wasting time
Thank you for this helpful guide"
Jamie Burch

Here's what you get with your
Self-Editing Roadmap:

  • A 19-page PDF featuring all the steps of the self-editing framework used in the Self-Editing Academy
  • Information on when to take breaks and for how long
  • Tips on where to find beta readers and how to get useful feedback
  • A section guiding you through next steps after self-editing, no matter if you're self-publishing or getting ready to query
  • Clickable checkboxes: use the Roadmap on your device or as a printout
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